I bought my first DSLR when I was studying computer science in Los Angeles and I went on a few road trips with a friend.

There was one in particular where we traveled up the Hwy 395 stopping at the glorious view of the Sierra Nevada from Alabama hills, but the end destination was Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. Here we visited the oldest trees in the world, up to 5000 years old. We hiked all afternoon without seeing anyone else and stayed for the sunset. Walking among those ancient trees trying to find a composition was such a surreal feeling that I will never forget. I could have stayed there forever playing with my camera taking photographs.

That was the moment I realized how passionate I was about landscape photography, and I knew that from that day on I would’ve tried to pursue my dreams and passions about traveling the world and taking pictures of it, trying to communicate the beauty and the feelings I felt while being there.