Dolomites 2018

I was joined by @yantastic and his friend June from Australia and together with my friend Stefano we decided to make a great road trip in the Dolomites. First stop Carezza where we explored the lake just before sunset and before the rain came:

Then we moved deeper into the mountains to get to Alpe di Siusi. We woke up early, hike 1h and got there just in time for the sunrise that lit the mountain.

The next day we visited the famous Lago di Braies with the iconic boats. Packed with photographers and Instagrammers even at sunrise.

The day after was also the hardest, alarm set off at 3 am, started our hike at 4 am and hustles through the trail in complete darkness for more than two hours. But when we got to the top all the fatigue disappeared in front of the beauty of that lake. It was the most beautiful place I've ever seen.

Then we crossed Giau pass where we only shoot mid-day and realized the location really had potential but we didn't have enough time.

On the last day before returning home, we decided to visit once again Carezza and found no wind for a perfect reflection of the alpine glow.