Val d'Orcia

I've been in Val d'Orcia 3-4 times already, it's the iconic Tuscan landscape all concentrated in a few miles with all the famous spots to photograph. And it's so famous for a reason, it's a very stunning place. Knowing the area pretty well, I wanted to shoot the milky way there. Night sky photography is something that I rarelly do, because in Italy in general it's really hard to find dark skies not polluted by the city and towns lights. But it's something that I really enjoy and I really wanted to capture it on those iconic hills. So I set out for a mission and I left for a night trip.

Even if my goal was the milky way I still got there early to shoot sunset at the famous Agriturismo Baccoleno and this is what I got.

After sunset it was time to move and find the composition for the milky way and I decided to capture it alongside the Cyresses of San Quirico

Since I've stayed there fot the night I decided to wait for sunrise and I'm glad I did, because I found amazing conditions, low hanging fog and a magical golden light creating really long shadows. It was an epuic photography trip.